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How to Play ToothFairy Adventures

Begin by reading the tooth fairy’s poem.

Place each bubble tile on its corresponding dream bubble board space.

Next, spin the toothbrush spinner. The highest number goes first.

After determining the turn order, the first player spins again and advances the number of spaces indicated.

If the player lands on a white tooth, that player spins again and continues to advance.

If a player lands on a dark tooth, they drop back the number of spaces indicated.(They do not lose a turn.)

Each tooth space, whether white or dark, has a learning lesson associated with the dream bubble.

When you land on a tooth space, flip the bubble tile and read the learning lesson!

To land on the last space, the player does not need the exact number.

Whoever gets to the last space first and meets the tooth fairy wins!

Conclude the game by reading the rest of the ToothFairy’s poem!

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WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD - Small Pieces Included - Designed for Ages 3 years and up.

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